Listen to Chamber of Horrors

Dante Tomaselli

Eerie, mist-shrouded electronic music
from the director of Desecration, Horror,
Satan's Playground and Torture Chamber

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Elizabeth Dane

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“Awesome!”Michael Gingold
“Elizabeth Dane is a beautiful, haunting composition.”Maitland McDonagh

Scream in the Dark

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“SCREAM IN THE DARK sounds like it was intended to be put on at a Halloween party, to set the mood for a spooky evening, or maybe greet--and terrify--trick-or-treaters. It would also be a perfect soundtrack for any kind of haunted attraction. Tomaselli's work is atmospheric and very moody--a horror-movie soundtrack without the horror movie. Scream in the Dark stands as a sound investment for fans of all things macabre.”Fangoria
“A cavernous haunted house where you have to listen and feel around to reach daylight.”Rue Morgue Magazine


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“Discrete shocks, cold chills, and shoulder taps at every corner...The swirling sound design fully immerses the listener.”Rue Morgue Magazine
“Well made collections of strange, and often times genuinely creepy experiments in audio horror.”Rock! Shock! Pop!
“An auditory journey into sheer madness - laced with eerie whispers, tolling bells and synth noises interrupted by creepy, unnatural laughter... Just as you begin to think you know what's coming, NIGHTMARE pulls the rug out from underneath you. 4 Skulls.”Fangoria

The Doll

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“A hallucinogenic trip to a dark and uncomfortable place...terrifying and intense...filled with sounds evoking mental imagery of medieval torture...”Fangoria
“Close your eyes and your imagination takes you to strange, dark places...”Rock! Shock! Pop!
“It sounds like a coven of witches live in the abode...Mad voices laugh while doors slam and metal sounds warp your brain...A serious atmosphere of dread...Disturbing...dark instrumentation, rattling chains and other ghastly noises to jar your senses.”Manta Ray Pictures
“If you're looking for some creepy and ambient sound effects for your home or professional haunted attraction, be sure to check out Dante Tomaselli's The Doll!”Kelly Allen, Owner of The Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction
“Surreal...Hypnotic sound sculptures. 4 Skulls.”Rue Morgue Magazine


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“Pulsing John Carpenter-esque keyboard work...Dante Tomaselli releases his fourth album of spooky, soundtrack inspired instrumental music.”Rock! Shock! Pop!
“If there’s one thing that maestro of the macabre, Dante Tomaselli, brings to all he creates, it’s a richness of image and a real sense of fever dream aesthetics...Jonestown by way of Stonehenge...I honestly can’t recommend Witches enough, especially if you dig on the works of John Carpenter, Werewolves in Siberia, or Disasterpiece…it’s truly immersive horror-scape awesomeness.”Daniel IIIX,
“A meticulously crafted work...Tomaselli takes us on his most lurid sonic journey to date, integrating trance pulses, backbeats, and samples of berserk cult leader Jim Jones. 5 Skulls.”Rue Morgue Magazine
“All of Witches' 13 tracks are praiseworthy...Each cut ignites theater-of-the-mind wonderment, fear and the spiritual world by deeply boring into the psyche...Tomaselli has produced a fiendish and furtive album for fans of 'mood music' of a different kind.”Videoscope Magazine

Out-of-Body Experience

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